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Cyber Security vCISO Services

Navigating the complex landscape of cyber threats and regulatory requirements can leave organizations feeling trapped. Often, they resort to piecing together informal programs just to check the compliance box, neglecting to address the core areas of cyber risk effectively.

At The DKP Group, our vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) team takes a strategic approach that begins with a NIST-based organization-wide cybersecurity maturity assessment in every engagement. This thorough evaluation ensures our experts gain insights into your organization's strengths, weaknesses, and the most critical areas of cyber risk.

In our vCISO portfolio, services such as policy guidance, incident response planning, and security architecture review are seamlessly integrated into a unified strategy. This strategy is carefully mapped out and measured across a multi-year engagement, allowing your organization to mature with a customized, comprehensive cybersecurity program aligned with industry regulations and business objectives.

Why Choose DKP Group for vCISO Services?

The vCISO program is designed to support you in building a responsive security operation by:

  • Aligning with your business objectives, risks, and cybersecurity strategy

  • Garnering organization-wide buy-in through effective resource allocation

  • Demonstrating measurable success to executive management and the board

  • Defining action plans for a new cybersecurity program or updating your existing one

  • Examining your organization's unique environment, architecture, operations, culture, and cyber threat landscape against industry standard frameworks

  • Identifying and prioritizing cybersecurity architecture risks and subsequent control & remediation opportunities

  • Meeting and exceeding compliance mandates

vCISO Portfolio Key Offerings:

  1. Security Program Maturity Assessment (SPMA):

    • In-depth appraisal of your information security maturity against industry standards.

    • eSentire Security Framework Playbook.

    • Client report detailing current security program maturity ratings and comparison to industry norms.

    • Client roadmap with executive overview and recommendations.

  2. Security Incident Response Planning (SIRP):

    • Initial (baseline) assessment and Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan development.

    • Annual re-assessment and testing of Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan.

    • Annual tabletop exercise to test response measures.

    • Update to Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan based on findings.

  3. Security Policy Review and Guidance (SPG):

    • Best practices for policies and procedures from NIST Cybersecurity Frameworks.

    • Development of updated Information Security policies.

    • Guidance and direction on policy adoption within your organization.

    • Annual re-assessment and review of Information Security policies.

  4. Security Architecture Review (SAR):

    • Evaluation and audit of current technologies, security controls, and system criteria.

    • Assessment and review of security architecture with executive summary and recommendations report.

    • Annual re-assessment and review of security architecture.

  5. Vendor Risk Management Program (VRM):

    • Assessment and review of existing vendor due diligence processes.

    • Development of a pragmatic Vendor Risk Management Program.

    • Annual reassessment and review of Vendor Risk Management program.

    • Executive summary on findings and recommendations for future changes.

  6. Vulnerability Management Program (VMP):

    • Documented program to identify, manage, and report on the security posture of systems and applications.

    • Vulnerability tracking mechanism.

    • Metrics for evaluating the overall effectiveness of the program.

    • Templates for executive reports regarding risks arising from vulnerabilities.

The DKP Group vCISO Difference:

Unlike other security service providers, we don't follow a one-and-done approach. We operate with insight and context, incorporating a NIST-based organization-wide security maturity assessment in every engagement. Our vCISO experts are industry-certified professionals with decades of experience, ensuring a comprehensive security program tailored to your organization's unique risk profile.

Expect results such as:

  • Alleviating resource constraints in your organization

  • A comprehensive security program with strong policies and procedures

  • Meeting or exceeding compliance requirements

  • Aligning business objectives with your unique risk and exposure

Choose DKP Group for vCISO consulting services that go beyond checkboxes, providing strategic and tailored solutions for your cybersecurity needs.

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